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1. What is the hair bun?
- A one of a kind way to style your hair unlike any other.
2. Why Sue's Collection is different?
- Sue's collection is a brand new, one of a kind, free styling hair extension that allows you to style your hair with endless. possibilities. 
3. What types of hair do you offer?
- We offer two types! The first being our 100% human hair and the other being our synthetic.
4. Can I wash my extensions daily?
- If you are wearing the hair everyday you must wash at least 2-3 times per week. If not daily we recommend washing 1-3 times per month. Sue's collection must be washed with room temp water and a mild shampoo and conditioner.
5. Can I color the extensions?
- Yes only the 100% human hair can be colored with semi colors and DO NOT BLEACH!
6. Can I swim with the extensions?
- We suggest not to.
7. Can I style it. myself?
- Yes! that is entirely why Sue's collection was invented!
8. How can I remove it? 
- Just simply remove the bobby pins and by brushing the hair gently.
9. Can I use heat?
- Yes, only with the 100% human hair. Feel free to use a curling iron or flat iron when styling on LOW HEAT ONLY.
10. How long should they last?
- Our extensions should last a numerous amount of years.

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